Jessica Clydesdale's Photography | Medina Madness Reunion 2009

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These are just a few of the group photographs. More are coming!
I had a wonderful time. It was an Honor taking your pictures.
I would recommend looking at them all with the slideshow option on the top right.
Email me if you have any questions about the ordering.

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Guestbook for Medina Madness Reunion 2009
Linda Strickland(non-registered)
What an awesome album. Jessica you did a wonderful job. I write with tears in my eyes, I dont know why, but just seeing my family all together, some not there anymore. And missing out on the reunion. I wont let that happen again. Thank you for bring them to me.
Thanks so much! I want to order all of them! Can't wait to see them all, but I will.
Thanks a lot, Jessica.
I love these pics, Everyone looks like they are models, thx to the awesome photographer. We loved the party it was off da hook. Love you all. PEACE
Fran Medina(non-registered)
The pictures are great! Can't wait to see all of the other ones.. I need to get mom and dad over to my house to look at the site and then we will order them..

Thanks again for doing this for the family!
Love ya
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