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"Jess, me and Carmen met at our radiation doctor. Three years ago her husband Raul would be talking to dad wait they waited for us to get our treatments. We just hit it off , like we new each other for years. She is still dealing with her cancer I never met such a strong lady and her husband is so supportive. She always wanted to get married by the Church, so tomorrow is they're 45th Anniversary and her kid arranged the hole thing the wedding is at 5:00 at ST. Matthews. We text each other all the time, thats all we can do because she's kinda sick with her chemo. She is like a sister.You are going to like her."

My Mom was right I do like her.
This is a story about two Mom's, Wives, Grandparents.
I was asked to shoot this wedding by my Mom I think it was maybe 2 day's before the wedding. She told me that her friend Carmen was really sick she wanted to get married in the church and she wanted to do it on her and Raul's Anniversary. I didn't think twice I of course said YES! Mom told me that they have 5 daughters and 1 son and they were going to put this wedding together also in 2 days and they did. I have to say they had the food, the church, they bought Carmen a dress, Raul a suit and the kids even bought their parents rings. I can say that I now have sisters and one brother.
After talking to the sisters whom some of them have never met my parents but were just like me just heard of each other were just as excited and welcoming with open arms. Carmen and Raul asked my parents to be in the wedding as Maid of Honor and The Best Man. Listening to my Mom tell me about Carmen and how strong she is amazes me only cause I have not meet or heard my Mom talk about anyone like that besides my Grandmother. My mom is a very strong woman and it was crazy to hear her talk about someone stronger that her and to call Carmen her sister. After I met Carmen I now know what she means and understand why she calls Carmen her Sister.
I am truly blessed to have such Amazing parents and thankful to them for introducing me to TWO AMAZING PEOPLE CARMEN AND RAUL!
I hope you enjoy the pictures. Please tell the girls to call or email me for anything.
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